Williams Families Facebook Group

Please note: We grant new families access to this Facebook Group after all new students have matriculated (which for the Class of 2024 will be June 2020).

Facebook will prompt you to answer these required questions to gain access: What’s your Williams student’s first and last name? Where do you live? (City and state, or city and country if outside the U.S.) What year will your student graduate from Williams?


NOTE: Moderator does not respond to Direct Messages (DM’s). To communicate about your student’s particular challenges, please email [email protected]

We’re here to learn more about Williams so that we can help our students get the most out of their college educations.

We’re also here for each other—to share experiences (including how things change at home when our kids are way), suggestions (how to dress for New England winters), and to lend a hand (as in carpooling to and from Albany airport).

And we need to make sure we protect our students’ privacy—something that’s also protected by federal law. A good rule of thumb is “Nothing about me without me,” meaning we always check with our students before posting any personal details about them.

Parent & Family Program Director Rob White’s always happy to respond to questions and concerns that are personal and specific to your own student: just email him at [email protected] to begin a confidential conversation.