Supporting Williams

Beyond partnering with us in your own student’s Williams education, we invite you to contribute your experience, skill, and resources to improving the Williams experience for all of our students.

  • Admission oversees a network of admission volunteers across the country and abroad. Many offer to have their names, phone numbers, and email addresses made available to families of admitted students who might want to call with questions in April. Some also help organize Williams evenings or other events for prospective students, especially during the fall or late spring, when admission officers are traveling in their areas. As a parent of a current student, you can provide a unique and helpful perspective for these families. Sign up here.

  • Subscribe to the Career Center newsletter to stay informed of how your Eph can take advantage of the Career Center offerings!

    Are there student-friendly internships or entry-level jobs at your organization? If so, consider:
    Recruiting a student
    Posting a job or internship
    Hosting a Winter Study Internship
    Would you like to speak on campus to students about your career? Email us at [email protected]

    As always we appreciate hearing from you. To learn more about the Williams Career Center start here.

  • The PFC is our fundraising effort that supports current operating expenses, especially student life, financial aid, athletics, and faculty resources. PFC members work with other parents – of both past and current students – to solicit support for the college. Working with fellow parents is an enjoyable and rewarding way to become more active in the Williams family. Sign up here to join the PFC. Learn more about the Parents Fund.

  • If you have a great recipe that you would like to see served in our dining halls, it’s time to share. Williams Each year, we choose several recipes to be featured in our “Tastes of Home” night. We are looking for recipes of all kinds and from all cultures, as well as all courses (soups, salads, entrees, sides, desserts, etc.) If your dish is selected, we’ll make sure to share the good news with you. Submit your recipe!

  • Tuition and fees cover only part of the annual investment Williams makes in the education of each and every student. Gifts from generations of parents and alumni make up the difference and truly sustain Williams as a world-class liberal arts college. Learn more and make a gift!