For Williams Firsts Families

In case of emergency, at any time of day or night, contact Williams’ Campus Safety and Security Office at 413.597.4444. This office can connect you with other adults on campus, including those in the Dean’s Office, Health Services, and Financial Aid.


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Dear Williams Firsts Families,

Williams College is proud to support our students who come to Williams as “first” in some way. The community includes students who are the first in their families to go to college, students who are the first in their communities to travel away after high school, students who are the first in their high schools to attend a college like Williams, and more.

  • One in every six students is a Williams First. They are among the college’s most successful and go on to great careers and lives as Williams graduates.
  • It takes hard work and courage to be a Williams first. That’s why our deans and their leadership team of older students in the Williams Firsts community will help your student thrive at Williams and take full advantage of all the opportunities and support systems the college provides.
  • Parents, family, and friends play an important role in your students’ Williams education. After all, you know your students better than anyone else at this stage of their lives.
  • At the same time, it’s important to let your children learn to find their own way through college. That’s a real challenge when most of you are so far away.
  • Fortunately, Williams is designed to help your students get all the support they need, throughout their entire undergraduate experience.

As they explore their own college paths, your students will share their new experiences within your familiar and loving context.

For now, a very warm welcome to the Williams community. We’re delighted to have your student—and you—join us.

Parent and Family Programs
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