Family Days Events

In addition to pre-recorded panels and performances, several live Family Days presentations can be accessed via Zoom below. Feel free to view them "in the moment" or afterward, as most will be recorded.

Vídeos Para los Familiares de los Primeros de Williams
Videos for Families of Williams Firsts Students

While Family Days is necessarily "virtual" this year, we're pleased to offer these online windows into your students' experience and opportunities to hear from faculty and staff who help your students learn and grow. "Your Student's First Year," "What's Up in Class," and "What's Up Besides Schoolwork" are panel discussions informed by questions we received from many of you in advance. The presentations in the purple bar are live, and a few require advance registration: rest assured that we'll add recordings of these live events once they're done.

Learn more about Williams' families,  follow us on Instagram, and always feel free to reach out with questions or concerns to [email protected].

Student Shoutouts to You!

Students send some family love and offer windows on their Williams experience.

Your Student's First Year

A welcoming conversation with President Maud S. Mandel and Dean Marlene Sandstrom.

What's up in class?

Professors from across the curriculum answer your questions and shed light on the Williams academic experience.

Sample a Williams class for yourself!

Waves and Musical Acoustics with Tiku Majumder, Barclay Jermain Professor of Natural Philosophy

Memory & Forgetting with Christina Simko, Assistant Professor of Sociology

Why the Impacts of Climate Change are so Unfair with José Constantine, Assistant Professor of Geosciences

Latina/o/xs and the Media: Myths and Realities with Maria Elena Cepeda, Chair and Professor of Latina/o Studies

The Power of Social Norms with Steven Fein, Professor of Psychology

What's up besides schoolwork?

Representatives from a range of co-curricular programs share the true breadth of the Williams experience. You can also check out the Purple Key Fair, where way back in September your students learned about 100+ campus groups. 

All about the '68 Center for Career Exploration

'68 Center staff and student peer advisors answer your questions and offer an insiders' take on individualized, inclusive career guidance.

Sustaining Sustainability in COVID Times

Video overview, audio tours, and a sustainability-centric campus map.

All About Williams' Libraries

All About Williams' Museum

Step into a virtual classroom, visit art majors' studios, and explore the Landmarks exhibit and New Ecologies program – all at WCMA.

Exploring Spirituality

College Chaplain Valerie Bailey Fischer and students from a Williams-wide variety of traditions and perspectives reflecting on their experiences with faith, spirituality, and morality on campus.

Voting Rights, Election 2020, Colleges, Universities, and Us

President Maud S. Mandel and Chair and Africana Studies Neil Roberts join higher education leaders in this timely webinar.