A warm welcome from Williams’ director of parent and family programs.

“We have a hugely important role to play in our students’ college experience. After all, we know them—and they know us—better than anyone else…” more


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • My student seems to be struggling. What should I do?
    Encourage your student to reach out to a professor, a dean, a counselor, a coach, an academic support specialist, a chaplain. Williams is filled with spectacularly qualified and deeply dedicated faculty and staff whose jobs are to support students in every way possible to get the most out of their undergraduate experience. more
  • What happens if my student gets sick?
    Williams offers 24/7 emergency health coverage and extensive medical and counseling resources. more
  • How will we manage college expenses?
    We’re committed to making Williams affordable. A good way to start is to join your student in reviewing our Guide to Financing Your Williams Educationmore

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